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…your bus on-time, in-time, with comfort.

For parents/schools that needs that extra care and comfort in taking their kids/students to and fro school. 

We run student programs for schools that intend to take their pupils for an educational trip.

You can ask for our Charter Services if you wish to use our buses for a few trips, or for that special occasion.

For schools that are looking at outsourcing their school buses to be privately managed.

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Ashflex School Bus Services Limited. 
Your bus on-time, in-time, with comfort.


A Private School Bus Service Provider known for… 

In today’s busy time, parents often find themselves juggling between managing their professional life and the schedule of their little kids. A kid’s daily schedule also includes dropping them and picking them from the schools.

The difference in time and location makes it difficult for the working parents to pick and drop their children from school. 

As a solution, we associate with school authorities to handle their school bus transportation services. It is beneficial for the students to reach their schools safely and in-time, so parents can have peace of mind.

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Comfort & Punctual.

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    Fun FACTS ABOUT ASBS Limited
    67 %
    of Students

    Are happy with our bus shuttle services, and will always want to ride with us.

    ...and more Students.

    Currently enjoying our services with more wanting to join.

    98: 67
    Satisfied - Unsatisfied Parents Ratio

    Just about 2% of our parents are probably not satisfied with our services for some reasons, but we hope to get every single parent happy someday.

    20 %

    from the schools we are currently offering our services to.


    Why Ashflex School Bus Services is the Best...

    There are many reasons why parents and schools choose us, but listed here are the major ones as identified by them.

    A primary focus of our bus service

    We believe school buses should be as safe as possible, that’s why our safety standards for buses are above and beyond those for regular school buses.

    To the students and parents

    Offering comfortable, fully air conditioned School Bus with leather seats to make your child/children more comfortable riding to and fro school. For parents, you don’t have to worry about dropping off and picking up your kids; we take care of that for you and ensure they are comfortable.

    A concept that needs a solid base

    We provide secure and timely transportation choices with no hassles, so you can sit back, relaxed and travel in comfort.

    What people said about us

    From Our Parents

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    Excellent bus service! My kids joined since 2019 and are always telling me at home how they enjoyed their ride to and from school everyday, and how interactive their bus assistant is.
    Chuba Okoye
    We will like to have more of your buses, many parents are asking for your bus services. Some even said they enrolled their kids because of your school buses. Please keep up the good work.
    School Admin.
    Ostra Heights
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